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Morph Conversation

(February 3, 2006 )

I am moderating a conversation called "We Lead" over at the Media' Center's new blog. Come check it out.

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There is no "E" in AFL-CIO

(January 5, 2006 )

John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO, held a briefing today to outline the union's plans to push the "Fair Share Health Care" campaign in state legislatures around the country. Patterned after legislation currently pending in Maryland, Sweeney pledged a state-by-state ground game in 30 different legislatures. A ground game? What a snooze. There was no mention on the call that the AFL-CIO would launch a blog, use mobile communications, or...

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(September 22, 2005 )

My friend and fellow blogger, Mike Krempasky, will testify before a Congressional Committee today to urge the enactment of the Online Freedom of Speech Act, legislation that would exempt communications over the Internet from regulation under campaign finance laws. His testimony is thoughtfully written, forceful and directly challenges the Members of the U.S. Congress Committee on House Administration. Here are a few choice excerpts: The blogosphere is, in the simplest...

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Looking Ahead to 2008

(July 10, 2005 )

This has been buzzing around the blogosphere for a while now, but its nice to see the mainstream media pick it up as well. In the latest evidence of the permanent campaign, a 26-year-old Web wizard has opened a "2008 Presidential Wire" that tracks news stories and blog entries for both parties' likely candidates -- 10,641 of them since May 27, 2005. That's stories, not candidates. The wire, which allows...

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New PDF Article: Please Standby…

(April 18, 2005 )

I have posted a new article on Personal Democracy Forum . I have written about the development of the DataMart/Demzilla system the missed opportunities for online advancement at the DNC. Here is how it opens: Please Standby... The DNC Is Still Experiencing Technical Difficulties By Brian Reich Personal Democracy Forum April 18, 2005 Last year, President Bush was re-elected by a larger margin than in 2000. In 2004, Democrats also...

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Morph Conversation
February 3, 2006

There is no "E" in AFL-CIO
January 5, 2006 Blogger to Testify Before Congress
September 22, 2005

Looking Ahead to 2008
July 10, 2005

New PDF Article: Please Standby…
April 18, 2005

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