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Campaign Web Review will examine the use of the Internet by political candidates, campaigns and organizations, activists and the media. Our ongoing goal is to promote a better understanding among the press, political professionals, and the public of the growing influence of the Internet in politics. We also hope to provide insight into new techniques and methods that will define (and re-define) success in this medium, and shape coverage for many cycles to come.

CWR will seek to highlight the ways the Internet is being used in and around politics, and provide perspective on the positive (and negative - if any) impact of this medium on the electoral process. We will look at how presidential campaigns, parties, advocacy groups and others are using the Web to communicate, organize, and mobilize. CWR will also profile congressional, gubernatorial, initiative, and other campaigns in which the Internet plays a key role in the campaign strategy.

Campaign Web Review was launched in 1998 when three leading experts in Internet campaign strategies and political science came together and offered a free, bi-weekly newsletter that examined examining the use of the Internet in political candidate and initiative campaigns. One of the original editors, Shabbir Safdar, has graciously allowed us to continue using the site to provide useful commentary during this cycle. The new Campaign Web Review is not in any way affiliated with the original editors, but is designed to carry on their mission.

Brian Reich, Editor
Campaign Web Review will be edited by Brian Reich, a Strategic Consultant and the Director of Boston Operations for Mindshare Interactive Campaigns. Brian has spent much of his life working with campaigns and political organizations. He has helped direct dozens of campaigns across the country ranging from student elections in Michigan to local initiatives and statewide campaigns in Seattle. During the 1996 cycle, Brian was the youngest national campaign manager in the country, leading a challenger-race in Connecticut. He has served as an Assistant to the Director of Presidential Speechwriting at the White House and in Vice President Gore's speechwriting office as a writer and researcher. More recently, Brian served as Vice President Gore's Briefing Director, both in the White House and during his 2000 presidential campaign. Brian attended the University of Michigan and graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Political Science. He and is wife, Karen Dahl, live in Cambridge, MA.

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