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Calling All Convention Bloggers

September 14, 2004

TO: All who blogged the Democratic and/or Republican Conventions.
FROM: Brian Reich

I am working on a series of posts about the role/influence of bloggers at the Party conventions in New York and Boston. I would like to include the thoughts of those who blogged the Conventions -- credentialed bloggers, those blogging on behalf of some media publication or group, those watching on C-SPAN and blogging from their couch, those bloging from the Tank, or whatever.

The questions are listed below. Write as much or as little as you like. I will assume that it is ok to quote you by name unless I hear otherwise. Please post your responses as a comment, or email them to me (


What is your name? What is your blog/site? What is your email address (so I can follow up, and/or let you know when I post)

What did you think of the Convention?

What did you want to do that you couldn't, or didn't get a chance to?

Did the DNC/RNC make the right choice in credentialing bloggers?

What did the bloggers add to the Convention(s)?

How should bloggers be treated - as media, as guests, as operatives for the Party, something else?

What is your take on the media fascination with bloggers?

How would you compare Democratic bloggers to Republican bloggers (generally, and specific to the Conventions)?

What Republican blogs do you read?

What Democratic blogs do you read?

What would you do differently for the 2008 Convention(s)?

What do you think are the most exciting developments in online politics in 2004?

What will political blogging look like after November (if President Bush wins re-election or if Senator Kerry wins)?

Anything else you want to add?

Let me know if you have any questions, or think I left anything out. Feel free to forward these questions along to anyone you think would be interested. I would not be offended if you cross-posted them on your blog as well, to increase the response rate. Thank you for your help.

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